Pickups with a purpose: Vintage Custom Strat® Set

For this post, we’ll be continuing our Pickups with a Purpose feature, highlighting some of the behind the scenes and “why” we build each set. Each set we build is intended to serve a purpose, meet a specific tonal need and give the player something that will help them achieve a tone in their head. Here’s a little more about our Vintage Custom Strat Set.

Vintage Custom Strat Coil
Vintage Custom Strat Coil
The Name and Goals

The Vintage Custom strat set was set because we use a vintage style coil wire, but with some modern twists to the pickup design and specs. We use a shorter coil height than our other strat models, but a larger diameter magnet for a more powerful, but focused tone. The even height and bellied AlNiCo 5 magnets help create a stronger response from the pickup. We feel like it’s a great balance of modern and vintage elements in one set. We’ve added a baseplate to the bridge position of the set to help tame some upper highs in that position since it helps even out some of the magnetism.

The Purpose

This set is for those who like the basic flavor of the vintage Strats, but need “more” from the pickups. We built this set to cater to those players who wanted to have the ability to cover a lot of styles but still have the basic bluesy foundation of tone that so many love from the old strats.

Visit the product page by clicking HERE


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