Navigating the Seas of Business

2017 has started with a whirlwind. We changed the business structure, added more help, and are working on several new products for the business. It’s been a massive shift in the way we operate Porter Pickups and how we process where we’ve been and where we’re going with the business.

All of these things have taken careful thought and a good amount of risk. I’ve been challenged in every step of the process from team and project dynamics and trying my best to lead this company. As we’ve worked though each of these items, I can’t help but think of the realities facing the business: How and where you navigate are CRUCIAL to every part of the business itself.

Think about how much more we have to sort through now days: There’s more social media outlets, and more companies out there than ever before. From musicians standpoint, we’re living in a great time of choices. From a business owners standpoint, you have to figure out where you stand among those choices and how you let people know about your product and what you offer.

It’s so easy as you think through your navigation, to spend time looking at the wrong maps. These could be maps of comparisons, discontent, ignoring your core values or business goals and so much more. We’ve seen business’s in every industry take the dollar before quality control. We’ve seen them stealing, copying and more to get ahead. We’ve seen them throw others under the bus to accomplish their goals. We’ve also seen people consumed by the rigors of growing business demands and changes, so much that it effects their personal lives. All of these are like waves agains the ship that is your business.

I want to continue to to learn the right way to navigate. I’m learning, or being forced to learn all the time! I don’t always focus straight ahead on the correct map of goals like I should, and I often worry about the waves hitting the boat right now instead of the end goal of steering the ship through them. What has helped me is to try to have good navigation elements. These include:

  • The right vision: Where are we going? WHY are we going there?
  • The right crew: If I think I can solve everything, i’ve already lost. The right people make the difference in how the company gets there.
  • The right amount of risk: There’s not often a clear path for every decision. Sometimes it matching up your goals, core values and “going for it”
  • The right amount of brutal honesty: Can we look at our business, some of the directions or things we focus on and see what is really working? Can we take what isn’t or no longer fits our WHY, and get rid of it? Are we willing to adapt as the business world adapts? Or will we be too stubborn and stay on a path we really shouldn’t?
  • The right ears: What am i listening to? Am I letting discouragement, doubt or other things creep in where they shouldn’t be?  What are the things I should listening to?

It’s amazing the things you can face as a business owner. I hope that this encourages you in your pursuits to navigate your passion through whatever may come up.




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