The Journey

Here’s a page where we will highlight our journey as a company and even feature journeys of other gear company owners. Have someone you want to see featured on the page, let us know!

The Journey Posts

The Journey: Palir Guitars We talk with John Palir of Palir Guitars Click to Read

The Journey: Banning Guitars We talk with Jason Banning of Banning Guitars Click to Read

Part 1: History and the beginning: We got our start building guitars, and wanted to control the tone of the instruments that were were being made. We quickly realized that the pickups do play a big part of the tone and work even better when they are matched with certain types of woods. This started the process for what eventually would become Porter Pickups. From the beginning I got a winding machine and started just trying coils to see what they would sound like. Lots of the first ones sounded REALLY bad. I kept experimenting with pattern and magnets to come up with pickups that actually started sounding really good. I remember those early years, trying to convince friends to buy pickups. They actually started liking them! This is where it went from something to add to a guitar to something we started exploring as it’s own entity.

(Look for part two and other business thoughts soon)


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