Welcome to the Porter Pickups Blog! Look here for everything from news from the shop, tech stuff and more gear related posts. If you’ve stumbled onto this blog but haven’t heard of us, we’ll briefly tell you a little about ourselves here:

Porter Pickups consists of a team of 5 building custom wound pickups in Boise, ID USA. We have a 1,500sf shop complete with in house laser cutting, winding stations and a new addition in 2015 of a demo/gear room, office and shipping area. The first pickups were wound in 2008 and after several attempts, there were some good results (And by several, we mean too many to count!) Over the course of the next few years more models were added and we keep expanding our lineup as we see a need.

Look for more posts on our business, how and why we build pickups and some of our goals as a company on this page: The Journey

Visit us online: www.porterpickups.com  



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