2016 Weekly Journey

In 2016, we’re going to try something different. My hope it to walk through the ups and down of business by posting quick thoughts once a week here on this page. They will range from general business thoughts to topic discussion and some off the wall things. My hope it to let you in to Porter Pickups a bit more, as we continue our journey. We may even have some video and audio posts! The most recent posts will be on top.

Dec 31, 2015: Plans

We remember very vividly looking into 2015 planning at this time in 2014. We made lots of schedules, events, trips, goals.  What happened? Life happened. We found out we were having twins in the spring of 2015. Needless to say, several of the “plans” we had were going to have to change. All of the careful, calculated things we came up with would have to be put aside. It was the most planning and work we’ve ever put into the business. It became apparent that carefully adjusting on the fly would be the new normal and that no matter how we assumed things might go, that they would most likely need to adapt to our life. As we look into 2016, we have to remember that things can change in an instant. It can be very hectic to have to change direction so many times in a year, but for us one of the things that came out of it is a better realization of what we want for our business and how we will go about it. Sometimes when life shakes things up, you can really learn from it if you are willing.