More about our Modern Strat® set.

Porter Modern Strat Coil
Porter Modern Strat Coil

Today we are going to feature our Modern Strat® model. This model was one of the first of our strat® style pickups that we released. We launched it roughly at the same time we did our 50’s and 60’s model. We felt like offering something in a different tonally range made sense to compliment the vintage inspired pickups that we do.

The Moderns get their name based not on a specific musical style, but more on versatility. The moderns are made to cut through a mix with a clear tone, but also to cover a lot of styles of music. They lean to the clearer and brighter side of things tonally, and are great for those who like to use volume and tone knob changes when playing live. Their clarity and versatility helps them shine in darker or muddy guitars, or for the brighter guitars, they can really stand out in a band setting for crisp lead tones in a blues, rock or county setting.

People often think “Modern” means metal or shredder type. While they can handle that just fine, the moderns are more versatile than many think. Here’s a collection of a few videos featuring the modern set:


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