More about our strat pickup lineup

When searching for new pickups for your strat, we’ve got a lot of great options. Our goal with winding pickups is to fill a need and serve a purpose for everything we make. We don’t believe in extra fancy marketing buzz words, we want to have practical results for each model, and have them be different enough to warrant being an official model.  We laser cut all our own flatwork in house for all single coil models.


60sStrat1960’s  Our 60’s strat set is one of our “era” inspired sets. It’s also our most popular set for strats. It features staggered Alnico 5 magnets, plain enamel wire and cloth leads. It’s great for blues, rock and many of the classic strat sounds. Good sustain and smooth response are the highlights of this set.

50sStrat50’s Our 50’s set features staggered Alnico 5 magnets, heavy formvar coil wire and cloth leads. Tones are more airy or earth sounding (Some would describe them as woody). These pickups keep good clarity but can also be a fatter voice, and glassy tone. Great for blues, surf rock country and more.


Modern Our Modern pickups are wound with a poly wire, and the same staggered Alnico 5 magnets as the 50’s and 60’s sets. The moderns do well with just about anything you throw at them. They have a versatile tonal range but also are more aggressive than our 50’s and 60’s. They will cut through a mix better and retail clarity even better. Try the moderns for rock, blues, country and more.

Vintage Custom The Vintage customVintageCustomStrat strat set features flat pole design bevelled alnico 5 magnets and the same plain enamel wire that’s on our 60’s set. We wanted to combine some vintage flavor with modern elements in this set. The flat/bevelled pole design produces a focused attack with a little more power, while keeping some of the vintage flavor so many love. We added a steel baseplate to the bridge position to help cut some highs. Great for those who love vintage tones, but need more out of them.

S90StratS90 The s90 is our p90 in a strat housing design. It features steel poles and powerful dual ceramic mini bar magnets on the underside. The s90’s are powerful pickups, still retaining some strat quack and clarity, but with a little “more.” They will push your amp and pedals faster, and fatten up a bright or lifeless guitar. Great at a set of three or combined with other models and put in the bridge position.

For more about our strat lineup, sound clips and videos, visit our website: 


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