Pickups with a purpose: Porter Vintage Tele Set

We’re continuing to define and talk more about why we design each of the models we do. We feel it’s one of the reasons we’ve been able to grow as a business. We want to make models that serve a purpose tonally, and fill a practical need for the player. Each set starts with the idea and we build the recipe up to the final model. We think through wire type, wire gauge, tension, magnets, number of turns and the other components when doing each model.


Vintage Tele Set: How it came about

Anytime you put a year, or era name on a model you know thats obviously the goal of recreating that sound. We think of our vintage models as less of a “Clone” and more of our take on the what we like about older tele pickups. We spend time listening, testing and comparing to older pickups if thats going to be the end goal. What we try to do more is take the things we like about each one, and use those as the goal in development. In the case of a vintage tele tone, we think of older teles as having the right amount of smoothness in the neck, but still retaining clarity. Something that doesn’t get muddy or lose itself in the mix. We think of the middle position, with that classic tele “pop” and “chime” and we think of the bridge position as a nice pickup thats not too harsh but has the right amount of cut and fullness. These were the goals when we set out to build our vintage tele set. We think you’ll like the results!

Video Clip: 

Here’s a video that does well showing the tones of the Vintage Tele Set:

Visit the Vintage Tele Page


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