A Gear Community

There’s a lot of things I enjoy about Porter Pickups and winding pickups for customers around the world. We’ve got a great team of people here working towards the endless pursuit of tone. As I work through everything involved in running a business, I like to think back on some of the good experiences we’ve had getting to know others in the industry. One of the things you develop is a common bond with others trying to make and sell gear for a living. The gear industry can be an interesting world, but my goal is to focus on the positive things surrounding it.

I love meeting people who share a passion for guitar, tone and building things. Many of them are risking a lot to try and make a living selling guitar related things. They are driven, risk takers, artists and wired to do something the love. We’ve all had to make sacrifices and take leaps of faith to go full time, or add help. There’s been times we want to hang it up, or take a “real Job”. We have the pleasure (and sometimes craziness) of working with guitar players. (Look for a list of some of my favorite companies soon!)

I also like seeing people within their respective industries help each other and even collaborate on projects and share ideas. It’s refreshing to see that happening when at times it can feel like a giant rat race where everyone is trying to get ahead.

For me, I want to leave an impact in the gear world. I don’t want to just run a business to get bigger and bigger without a real purpose in mind. I want to be known as a business of integrity and one that cares about it’s customers and products. Of course I want to keep doing this for a living, but I feel like some of the business advice out there is counter productive (More on that later in a blog i’m sure) to the way I want to operate Porter Pickups.

We’ll be off to visit the NAMM show next week, looking forward to a few days to meet people there!



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