2014 for Porter Pickups-Updates and News

First off, THANK YOU for a great 2013. We experienced a great jump in growth and now more people are getting their guitars loaded with Porters. It’s a very humbling and awesome experience to do something we love and help people with their guitars tone. I wanted to write a quick note on our 2014 plans.

We’ve been hard at working moving already well into the second month of 2014. Early this year, we opened up our new shop, giving us more space to build the pickups and a demo room as well.  We look forward to releasing new demo’s out of the shop, as well as having a little more space for making the pickups, stocking supplies and shipping.

As we move further into 2014, We already have several shows planned for this coming year. Please feel free to contact us for more details on the shows we will have a booth at. We are currently planning on the http://www.seatacguitarshow.com/ and the http://www.tempeguitarshow.com/ as well as a possible appearance at Summer NAMM.

As we’ve grown, we’ve looked to add new pickups to our lineup to keep innovating and meeting players needs for upgrading their pickups. Our goal with each model we make, is to address a need for the player.

For the immediate future, we will be making a few changes to the business to continue to push products out and keep quality and TONE high. These include:

  1. Trimming some model options: We like to be able to offer as many custom options within each pickup style that we can, but many times its been difficult to stock some special parts for different models. By limiting the options, we’ll be able to avoid or limit delays, even if our suppliers have their own. Some options will still be available, but at an extra expense or time delay. We want to be able to support each model with sufficient stock, so we don’t keep people waiting. Staying within build times is very important to us.
  2. Limited 2014 releases: We have one potential tele set to release this year (SHH!) but for now, we plan on sticking to our current models, and supporting them more. More clips, videos, and information to help give you the best possible info when selecting a pickup. We will still release the occasional custom job but will be limiting some of the custom work we do.
  3. Pickup Repairs:  We will be accepting less pickup repairs and possibly eliminating them all together. We realize the value to the customer for this service, but it has become increasingly time consuming (Sense a theme?) and we are working to focus more on our pickups and supporting them FIRST. We’ve come to realize that repairs have not been cost effective in moving forward and keeping up with the regular work flow.
  4. Gear Community and Dealerships: We’ve networked with several great companies and even have begun going mutual promotions, giveaways and more. Over the past few years as i’ve met and talked with other gear companies, i’ve hoped to be able to offer a way for all of us to work together and promote things and people I have come to respect and appreciate. Soon after this post, we will be offering some products of other builders and acting as a dealer ourselves for select products. We’re planning on offering products we believe in, and that can also be an ad on to a pickup purchase. We are already set up as a Dealer for Rattlesnake Cables (http://www.rattlesnakecables.com/) and Palir Guitars (http://www.palirguitars.com/) Stay tuned for more!

Be sure to check out our other social media for build updates, news and more:

Thanks again for your support!



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