Humbuckers in a strat


Despite the frowns from traditionalists who prefer strats to only have three single coils, I really enjoy a strat with dual humbuckers. Of all the pickups we make, there’s a lot that I play often, but I keep coming back to the dual Humbucker strat over and over again.

The main shop strat is a 1998 fender USA strat. It’s got a great feel and good playability, not to mention the huge “swimming pool” route underneath the Pickguard. It’s perfect for demoing different pickup styles and configurations by just dropping in different loaded guards. The humbuckers seem to go right back in, even if we are loading in a HSS set or a new single coil model for sound clips and demos.

I really enjoy the feel and playability of a strat more than any other guitar. I also like the fullness of a neck Humbucker and the way they sound in a strat. It’s still “stratty” in tone but has some of the things I love about humbuckers: (less noise, ability to split for pseudo single coil tomes, and the way they push the amps)

For this particular configuration, we went with the classic humbucker in the neck and clear Humbucker in the bridge. It gives a sweet mix of versatile neck tones with a aggressive bridge Humbucker for riffs and lead. For some added versatility, there’s also a push pull pol on the tone knob, to split the humbuckers. It’s provides 6 different tones with the 3-way switch. It is nice to have the split coil, then push down the tone knob for full Humbucker mode, when doing a intro/riff or for a built in solo boost.

The way the split coils are wired is the two upper coils are “on” when split. This means the adjustable pole bobbin on the neck is active and on the bridge the slug bobbin is active. I find this gives an almost acoustic like feel in the middle position when the humbuckers are split.

Sounds clips soon!

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