Brian’s Blog: April Contest Winners!

Here it is! We’ve had a great response to our april facebook giveaway. Lots of entries and we appreciate all the new fans! Our facebook page is a great way to stay updated on all things Porter Pickups. Winners can email to claim their prize, and let us know your shipping details, or we’ll let you know your coupon code if you won that!

The Prize Winners!

First Prize: Set of Porter Tele Pickups-Patty Lynn Campanile
Second Prize: $100 off coupon code!-Dylan Ihde
Third Prize:$50 off coupon code!-Timothy Ro
Fourth Prize:Fender Strat Pickguard, White-Shiv Acharya
Fifth Prize:New Porter “Humbucker” T-Shirt-Rowan Judah Garmon
Sixth Prize:2 Porter Stickers-Tobias Holmbeck
Seventh Prize:5 Porter Picks-David Mastrobuono

As a special offer, we’re letting all who entered get 10% off any Porter Pickups ordered by tomorrow evening the 26th. Use the coupon code save10 for 10% off any pickups on the Porter Online Store. Thank you everyone for your support of our business!

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One thought on “Brian’s Blog: April Contest Winners!

  1. THANK YOU PORTER PICKUPS !!!!,.I won seventh prize,the 5 Porter Picks.I just emailed my info…YAYYYY !!!!

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