Brian’s Blog: April Giveaway!

We’re going to be doing a big April Giveaway. Many of you are already following our Facebook Page, but you’ll need to like that page first to join.

How to Enter:
*Look for the post on our Facebook page, make sure you like that post, AND comment on it, and you’re in!
*You can get a second entry by sharing the post. We’d love to get additional followers to our page!

The Prizes
We’re giving away a lot of cool things, here’s the list:

  • First Prize: Set of Porter Tele Pickups
  • Second Prize: $100 off coupon code!
  • Third Prize:$50 off coupon code
  • Fourth Prize:Fender Strat Pickguard, White
  • Fifth Prize:New Porter “Humbucker” T-Shirt
  • Sixth Prize:2 Porter Stickers
  • Seventh Prize:5 Porter Picks
  • The Deadline
    Deadline to Enter is April 25th, we’ll draw the winners from the facebook posting. Good luck!

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