Brian’s Blog: Testing HSH, and the demo strat.

We’re getting into the SSH and HSH pickup configurations really soon. One of the great things I discovered about my 1998 American Standard Strat is that it’s got the “Swimming Pool” route underneath the pickguard. It’s not only a good playing guitar, it makes for the Perfect test guitar for new pickups and pickup combinations. I keep several loaded pickguards around the shop to drop new models in and out for recording, testing and demos.

Currently, I have the unreleased Vintage Custom Strat set in it. Over the past month or two, i’ve been exploring the HSH combination. Below is a picture of the first Porter HSH set, while I was trying it out.

For this guitar, I did the Smooth humbucker in the neck, modern single coil in the middle, and classic in the bridge. My personal preference is humbuckers (Even in a Strat!) so this set worked out well. It was wired to tap the pickups in positions 2 and for to get some of that strat quack.

So far so good, but a few tweaks to go to make it just right! More details on the loaded pickguard pictured here coming soon, it was bought by a national touring guitarist.


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