Brian’s Blog: New Pickup Reviews

One of the best things about making pickups for people is hearing their feedback. We’ve gotten some great reviews in, that i’d like to pass along. I hope to do more blogging in the future, but the business has really grown, so finding time to write has been challenging!

Susan S. From atlanta says:

I bought this set on a whim. I simply came across the website and thought I would branch out into new territory based on all the nice things that other players were saying. I have five electric guitars and really wanted my PRS SE Custom to get a chance to sound as great as it feels to play. I have a Suhr Guitar that kills, so now, my lesser expensive guitars seem pale-faced. But I like them and want them to sound as good as they feel. Wow. I feel like no one who was blindfolded would guess that this is a low-end PRS now, after having had these Porters installed! So happy with this set! I have to believe these babies will go up in price once the rest of the world gets a taste of them, so I would advise anyone who is looking into the pricey names to buy these and laugh about the change you still have in your pocket after having purchased the tone you thought you would pay a lot more for.


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