Brian’s Blog: The Blender Strat Set

Some of the ideas for these models have been in my head for some time. releasing a new pickup always has it’s challenges from the initial idea to the actual release of the product. I especially want to offer pickups with several choices for the look and tone the customer is after. Thats why Porter Pickups was started, out of a quest for tone. I’m very excited to be able to offer different pickup models and wind pickups for our great customers.

The latest release from our custom series lineup is the blender strat set. The concept behind the blender came from a desire to “do something different” and to have even more choices for the customer when choosing a strat pickup. We have three distinct strat models (Modern, 50’s and 60’s) Each has it’s own tonal flavor, and the blender set brings them all together. You get to choose any Porter strat model at any position. We custom build the set for you, and make sure it’s build like a normal strat with a reverse wound/reverse polarity middle position.

The blender set was just released direct through our website, and is priced at $210 list.

Porter Blender Strat Set
Porter Blender Strat Set

Click above image for more details on the blender strat set.


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