Brian’s Blog: New Pickup Reviews

We always enjoy getting reviews of our pickups in. I make it my goal to help people fine the tones they are after and many times new pickups can help. Here are a few recent reviews:

Nickname: CO (St. Louis, MO)
Pickup Model: Porter Smooth and Classic Humbuckers
Position: Neck (Smooth) Bridge (Classic)

I have a swamp ash Les Paul with a Porter Classic in the Bridge and a Smooth in the neck and they are amazing! I’ve owned guitars with Seymour Duncan, PRS, and Gibson pickups and Porter has them all beat. The Classic has a warm, but clear sound that just sings, and the Smooth complements it perfectly.

Name: Jerry (Indiana)
Pickup Model: Porter Modern Single Coil Set

I’ve tried quite a few strat pickups in the last couple of years. Some were handwound and some were from big name companies. They were good pickups but I just couldn’t find what I was looking for until now. I needed pickups that could cover a wide range of music and the Moderns fit perfectly. I put them in a Strat that had a dark sound to and they balanced it out just right. I know in some Strat sets the middle pickup is rarely used but the one in this set is great. The best neck pickup I’ve ever used. The bridge isn’t thin and ice picky like some I’ve played. I’m real happy with these pickups and I hope to try some of the other sets Brian has.

Name: C. Miller (Boise, ID)
Pickup Model: Porter Anthem PAF

These pickups are killer! They replaced a set of PRS Dragon II’s, and I couldn’t be happier: they have the clarity and growl that was missing. They are incredibly articulate and responsive and absolutely rockin’! And Brian’s customer service and help couldn’t be better… I’m blown away. Thank you!

Read more reviews at our website here


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