Standard Tele Set Review from Solider in Afghanistan

Several week ago, I was contacted by Michael Leonard, a soldier from Florida currently serving in Afghanistan about a guitar project he was working on. He wanted some pickups for his tele project he was doing to build a few tele’s for some soldiers. I was glad to be able to give a small part back to those who so bravely serve our country. The Porter Standard Tele Set was just recently put in a guitar and Michael sent in this review:

I briefly described the bridge pickup earlier, so i apologize if i am repeating myself, but….. Clean clear and articulate are a few words that come to mind… snappy and growling also come to mind, but hey that is all subjective…. how about this: it sounds like a tele! a really great tele, an amazing tele…. very responsive to technique, and sounded down right amazing with a little tube distortion… it does twang spot on, but i LOVE a bluesy tele sound and the neck pickup kills! it is warm and punchy and definitely has ZERO of the dull sound i fear in tele neck p/u’s…. AND THIS SET IS QUIET! i was amazed at how quiet the pickup amp combo was! all three pickup positions are entirely usable sounds and i can’t say that about all the tele’s i have played (or even owned)
Hands down, these pickups can compete with any on the market!!!!!

Porter Telecaster Replacement Pickup Set
Porter Standard Tele Set with Nickel Cover

Read more about the Special Project going on right now in Afghanistan, and follow the progress of the guitars Here


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