Brian’s Blog: T-Shirt Design Idea #1

We’re starting the process of working on some designs for t-shirts for Porter Pickups. We’re getting some interest for shirts and will need some for our upcoming guitar Show in Seattle, and we’re considering taking pre-orders for shirts once we finalize a design. We’ve begun the brainstorming process for what we’d like to see on the shirts and are getting some good feedback from our customers as well. Here’s rough design #1.

Let us know what you think should be on it, and any design ideas that might be cool. We may even open things up to a design contest if we get enough interest.


6 thoughts on “Brian’s Blog: T-Shirt Design Idea #1

  1. I think if sound is what you’re going for with your marketing then a picture of pickups doesn’t say that. I would take a picture of a player playing a guitar with your pick ups on it in an intense soloing moment. Or a picture of a player from behind looking out into the audience and a message of “Let them hear that tone” That emotion is what pickups are all about. With the right picture the viewer will almost be able to hear your sound. It’s more suggestive and builds and indentity with your product. No offense but I’ve always found pickups boring to look at. To me, there’s no difference in how your pickups look to anyone elses. But I’m sure the sound is worlds apart. I think that’s the message to get across. You want that message on your tshirt.

    Just my 2 cents! =)

  2. Alex,

    Thanks for the comment. I agree all pickups do look the same, but they do sound different. It’s hard to convey what the pickups are about through a t-shirt design, but I think it can be done. Good suggestions! We’re still in the planning phase for what will be on it, so we appreciate your feedback!

    One off the wall idea was the facemelting like in Raiders of the Lost ark!

  3. I like the face melting! Another funny one would be a stick of butter in a dish. Tone like butter! But seriously, maybe you get your customers to take pictures of them playing guitars with your pickups. Bet pic wins gets on the tshirt….and the player a new set of pick ups!….? – Alex

  4. I think the regular Porter Pickups Logo will say it all. Most of the people that are gonna wear the shirts will already know how good the tone is otherwise they wouldn’t have the shirts. I’m sure when other people see the shirts with your name on it they will ask and then those of us who have the shirts could let them know.

  5. That will probably end up being the plan jerry. It’s simple enough, but you are right people will buy it if they know the brand. Ideally the tone does all the talking anyways!

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