Brian’s Blog: Pickup Rewind and Repair

Did you know we also do pickup rewind and repair? I prefer rewinding vintage pickups that have some good value to them, but will also rewind newer pickups. We can match wire types and even have some specs from the old pickup we can draw on to keep things accurate.

Rewind a Repair Service for Dead or weak pickups.
Porter Pickups Rewind and Repair Services

We’ve rewound and repaired tons of vintage pickups. Everything from 60’s strat and Jazzmaster pickups to some overseas vintage guitars that needed an extra kick. We’ve done rewinds for oddball pickups and even some lap steel stuff. Often times an old pickup is worth several hundred dollars, and if it’s not working a rewind can get it back in your favorite axe, or keep it’s value for resale. Many times we can find the break in the coil and get the pickup working again with very quick turnaround.

Other services in the rewind and repair are magnetization of pickups, changing magnets, making a humbucker coil tap ready, wax potting and more. Each repair or rewind job is quoted based on the work needed. We often take in pickups and give them a quick look over before we quote a price. That way if it’s a quick fix, we can save the customer money. We have prices on the website to give you an idea of what it might cost for something, but each job is still quoted individually.

Here’s a review of a recent repair job we did:

“Pickup repair for my Vintage Hagstrom III by Brian Porter Pickups was first class all the way.
Brian stays in close communication with you to establish what repairs need to be done and how long it will take. Repair work was fast and for a very reasonable price. Yes, I would send out all of my future pickup repairs to Brian. Thanks again for getting my vintage guitar back
on stage.” Robb G.-Florida

Visit the rewind and repair page on the website for more details. Click Here


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