The Latest Porter Pickup Reviews:

Name: Murphy
Pickups: Porter Custom Neck Humbucker (Classic)

” I came to porter with some ideas. i wanted that nice humbucker sound, but coil tapped. when coil tapped i wanted it to sound like a tele. well he just about nailed it. Freaking awesome tone. it’s gonna be hard to resist getting porter pickups in all of my guitars now. And not only is the pickup great, his customer service i par none! fastest responses, and never talks down. won’t buy any other. “

Name: Jim D
Pickups: Porter Anthem PAF’s

“I have PAF Humbuckers in the neck and bridge of a 08 Les Paul. They Are the proto type for the soon to be released Porter Humbuckers. I dont even know what to call them yet.That being said these pickups Rock! they have great clarity and balance in the clean settings. And I really like the way you can roll up the overdrive with the volume pot.Love the tones. Great people to deal with. Thanks Porter Pickups.”

Read More Reviews Here


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