Porter P-Bass Pickups Nearing Release Date

We’ve just finished winding the first set of Porter P-Bass replacement pickups and the tones are killer! We’ve had plently of bass guys ask us about Porter Pickups for their favorite basses, and we’re nearing the release of the first Porter Bass Pickups! Plans are to release the P-bass pickups at $140 for the dual coil pickup. Those who are interested can pre-order the pickups NOW by emailing info@porterpickups.com. We’ll have your set done before they are live and available on the site!

We plan on working on Jazz Bass pickups in the near future as well. Here’s a shot of the P-Bass Pickups. They feature the same heavy Forvmar wire used on our 1950’s strat replacment pickups. The Porter Tone has officially entered the low end!

Porter hand Wound Pbass Replacment Pickups
The Porter Pbass Tone

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