Why We Hand Wind Porter Pickups

Built like they used to be: all the original pickups were wound by hand, which means a machine turned the pickup bobbins, but someone’s hand guided the wire pattern and tensioned the wire. Many of the hand wound pickups from the 50’s and 60’s are known for their great tonal qualities. In the case of hand winding pickups, differences in patterns and the fact that a human can have different tension on the wire one day, or a slightly different pattern are things that actually enhance the tone of the pickups. This is why hand wound pickups are often called “Scatterwound”

All Porter Pickups are built this way because there’s some magic to those origional pickups, and we feel much of it has to do with the human element, as opposed to something a machine does. That said, there are some decent sounding machine wound pickups, and some average sounding hand wound ones.

The Custom Aspect: Our pickups are hand wound so we can dial in specific number of turns, tension, new patterns and more to enhance the tone a customer is looking for. All of this is included in the prices of the pickups making it a truly custom experience and tone for each individual player. We can change parts of the pickup build to match music styles, woods in your guitar and the look you want. Your Porter pickups are built by people who are guitar players themselves and who love tone.

Check out the website for more information, and to order: www.porterpickups.com


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