In store demo with american music

The in store demo at porter pickups dealer American music went well this last weekend. We spent some great time talking tone, doing demonstrations, and letting everyone play all the pickups we brought. Look for more in store demos in the near future, hopefully at a store near you.


2 thoughts on “In store demo with american music

  1. Porter pickups: first, let me say that my guitar is my best friend, so I am VERY particular about what I do to it or WHO I let touch it. It is an American Made Fender Strat Deluxe. I am an avid fan of Blues and Southern Rock sounds. After attending the Brian Porter in store demo, and listening to the various pickups offered, I chose the 1950’s single coil pickups. Those particular pickups offered and delivered the exact sound I have been seeking for some time now. Although the first pickups weren’t magnetized, one phone call to Brian, and he jumped right on it and even offered HIS guitar to me to play while he made good on the “quality sound” promised. Not only did the picups deliver the sound I was searching for, they also quieted the hum you can get from single coil pickups through tube amps. I STRONGLY recommend contacting Brian Porter Pickups and give them a try. I am sure he will be glad to help get the sound you are searching for.

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