New Porter Pickup Review

The Porter Smooth/Classic Humbucker set:

I have an Epiphone SG 400 that I bought new about a year ago. Although I love the guitar I have always felt the tone was harsh and flat sounding.
Fortunately for me when I was inquiring about upgrading the pickups at my local music store (Giggs Music) they recommended a local manufacturer Porters Pickup’s.
After contacting them I decided on a smooth neck pickup and a classic bridge pickup. In short I am amazed at the transformation, it sounds like a new much more expensive guitar.
It has that beautiful warm smooth humbucker sound I have been missing with this guitar. I am just a novice guitar player but I am still thrilled by the outcome, well worth the investment.
The guys at Porter were great to work with and got my pickups to me before the estimated delivery time (about 5 days). If you are looking into upgrading your pickups you can’t go wrong with these guys.


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