Tone Overhaul Reviews

Here’s some reviews from customers who have used the Porter Wiring kits and new Porter Pickups:

“Brian recently swapped out the guts of my MIM Telecaster. I’d bought it off eBay and somebody had done a hack job on it. He replaced all the wires, pots, and pickups and did a fabulous job at a very reasonable price. The sonic transformation was immediate and amazing…all of a sudden I wanted to just play, and play! I have the confidence to take my tele anywhere now and use it for recording and performing.” Michael S.

“I had Brian replace all of the pots and do a wring overhaul on my Epiphone Les Paul Studio guitar. This was in addition to a new Porter Classic Humbucker pickup. Everything sound so much different now and my tone knob actually makes a difference. Brian is very detailed in his work and knows his stuff! I would recommend him to any guitar player who is serious about getting the best tone at great prices” Jay

contact us at to learn more about our wiring kits. Kits can be bought pre-wired or un-wired. Great for improving your guitars tone.

Visit the Tone Page


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