Newest Porter Pickup Review

Nickname: JE3 (Kamiah, ID)

Pickup Model: Porter Classic and Smooth Humbuckers

Position: Neck (Smooth) Bridge (Classic)

Comments: I totally rewired an Epiphone Les Paul and placed Brian’s pickups in it. These pickups are great for blues, classic and country rock. I play through a DIY ’57 Tweed Deluxe and these pickups give lots of tonal variety with just minor adjustment to the volume and tone controls. The pickups are very complimentary of each other. Smooth is a very good name for the neck pickup, the classic produces a good, “crisp” tone in the bridge position. This was the tone upgrade I needed, it is like having a whole new guitar. I look forward to finding more and more useable tones and incorporating this guitar into my gigging rig! Thanks Brian, keep up the good work.


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